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Ten Ways You Can Help Right Now!

1 - Register to Vote
You wouldn't believe how many people told us last November that they supported the Libertarian Party, but weren't registered to vote.

2 - Register as a Libertarian
Get a Registration form from the local public library or Voter Services. Our status as a political party in Pennsylvania depends in part on the number of people who are *registered* as Libertarians.

3 - Join the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania.
Pay your dues, get the newsletter, go to the annual conventions. Better yet, get a joint Pennsylvania-National membership for a reduced rate. Call 1-800-R-RIGHTS for more information.

4 - Attend the local county LP meetings

5 - Register A Friend
Have you ever been talking to friend or business acquaintance who you realized shared your political views? Keep a few Voter Registration forms in the car or your workplace.

6 - Write a Letter-to-the-Editor
Most local newspapers in Chester County will publish all reasonable letters. It's a cheap way for us to stay in the news. See our page on *How to Write to a Letter to the Editor*.

7 - Give a Book
Do you have free-thinking friends who like to read but don't follow politics? Give them a good novel featuring libertarian ideas. See our *Libertarian Fiction* page for some ideas.

8 - Mark Your Calendar
The elections are not so far off. Plan to spend some time at the polls handing out literature on Primary Day and Election day. Studies show that many voters do not make up their minds until they are in the voting booth. Most of those folks will vote for the person whose literature is in their hand!

9 - Get Involved in Your Community
Go to town meetings, join community service clubs, PTAs, and citizen volunteer groups. Get to know the people who live in your town. When Libertarians (like you!) run for office, ask for their vote. Make your friends our friends.

10 - Send Us a Check
As Libertarians, we pay for what we want. Do you want better government, lower taxes, and more freedom in your personal and economic affairs? Help us spread the word. Every dollar you send to us pays for telephone bills, postage, paper, printing, and computer time. We all know the "TANSTAAFL" principle: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Help us help you. Please send your donation to:

Advocates for Self-Government
The Liberty Building
213 S Erwin St
Cartersville, GA 30120 

Or go to Advocates or self-government

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