From: Andrew Barniskis
Subject: SB 635 Update/verification

Following my alert regarding the Pennsylvania Roving Wiretap Bill (SB 635) yesterday (which was based on hearsay), I found that legislation hanging out of my fax machine this morning, from an anonymous source.

It is 21 pages (!) much too long to transcribe here, but I DID verify that it specifically targets gun owners. Among the "violations" it specifically spells out as enabling a roving wiretap is, "Section 6106 (relating to FIREARMS NOT TO BE CARRIED WITHOUT A LICENSE." (Emphasis via capitalization added.)

In other words, YOU can be wiretapped if YOUR FRIEND commits a PURELY ADMINISTRATIVE "crime," on the odd chance that he will talk about it on YOUR phone!

Also of interest to the online community, another wiretap enabler is,

"Section 5903 (relating to obscene and other sexual materials and performances."

Since I am known to use obscene language in these posts pretty f__cking often, presumably I would make myself vulnerable for a wiretap by doing so. And, since this is a "roving" wiretap bill, they could tap YOUR phone if you could be presumed to have read my posts!

Don't think this is a stretch -- once you join a class (like gun owners and cyber-freaks) that the masses regard as Untermenschen, utilization of such "stretches" for violation of your human rights will get cheers from the mob.

As of this moment, I believe SB 635 still has to be voted on again by the Pennsylvania Senate.

Pennsylvanians -- GET ON IT!!!!!


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