How to Write a 'Letter to the Editor'
Most newspapers love hearing from their readers; pro or con, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you took the time to express yourself. A good letter will almost always get published, especially in home town papers.

Select a topic in the news or reply to an editorial. Keep it short; two or three paragraphs at most. Stick to a single topic. Keep it local if you can. State your case and sign your name.

When you have finished your letter, check spelling and grammar. Address it to the editor listed in the newspaper's masthead. Pop it in the mail, and wait for fame.

Some things to avoid: Don't get into a verbal duels with other readers. Don't call the editor an idiot, even if he is. Don't ramble. And no more than one exclamation point per letter, no matter how upset you are!

Libertarianism is do-it-yourself politics. This is the easiest way into the heart of the public. Go forth and write.


Dave Tartaglia

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