Book Review by Jim Henry

A novel by John Ross
Published by Accurate Press, St. Louis, MO.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES is the story of an attack on a culture, the gun culture, and all Americans who believe strongly in individual freedom and minimal government interference in their lives. Author John Ross weaves a masterpiece of exciting fiction across a mosaic of factual history, replete with one (real life) example after another of government infringements of the rights of citizens.

In 1934, Congress passed the National Firearms Act, written to promote non-compliance and give idled Prohibition agents something to do. Thirty years later, a young man born into a well to do family becomes immersed in the shooting sports and firearms become his life long passion. An expert with rifle and pistol, Henry Bowman is just one of the millions of people who comprise America's "gun culture".

Alone one night at a friend's home, Bowman thwarts an armed break-in, killing most of the intruders. only to discover the assault was actually a raid by BATF agents. Now aware of their plans, and with fresh memories of the Waco and Ruby Ridge killings, Henry Bowman's course of action is set. He enlists the aid of other freedom-loving citizens in rallying Americans nation-wide to say "ENOUGH" and stand up for their rights. Realizing the government can shut down the Internet at any time, Bowman avoids this problem by posting his alerts and messages on the many gun rights Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) across the nation. This struck particularly close to home as I operate one of these systems.

This novel is an exciting read. It's about freedom, how we've been losing it, and how patriotic Americans win it back. Every gun owner, if not every American, should read this book. It's available online from Amazon books at or through AirPower Information Services at (610) 259-2193, or your bookstore, as it's distributed by both Ingram and Baker & Taylor, tell the store the ISBN is 1-888118-04-0. Price is $33 which includes shipping.

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